Lamellas Configurator - the website of RollWall company

In the era of online stores, 3D configurators are becoming increasingly popular. They allow the manufacturer’s offer to stand out, but most importantly, they allow customers to configure products in real time. The Variantic online configurator is designed with such needs in mind. More and more companies are choosing to build their own webside involving product configurators based on Variantic.

Company and their needs

RollWall is a company that focuses on modern solutions. Their offer includes a wide range of products such as decorative lamella panels and upholstered panels which are available in many colour combinations. The products offered by RollWall fit perfectly into the latest trends and add an elegant look to rooms. With the Variantic platform, the company has built a lamella panel configurator and an upholstered panel configurator. It was embedded on RollWall’s website, where customers can prepare designs themselves as a result of  an intuitive interface and dynamic products visualisation.

Thanks to the online configurator, the choice of colour, lamellas placement or quick calculation of panel pieces becomes very simple and hassle-free. Variantic configurator, which uses an advanced graphics engine, allows customers to see easily what their dream product will look like. Wood details or upholstery texture are reproduced in every detail. Variantic online configurator allows you to “feel” the look of the items.

Personalization of the configurator itself

When choosing Variantc online configurator, RollWall was also guided by the customizable look of the 3D configurator itself.  RollWall prepared the configurator's layout from scratch, fitting it into the design of the website. Thanks to large and easy-to-read buttons, the customer can easily find his way around the 3D configurator and is able to prepare the project in a few moments. Due to the nature of the product, the company decided to make the configuration as simple as possible, which ultimately meets all the customer’s expectations.

It is also worth noting that the Variantic configurator allows you to see the product in your own home. AR (Augmented Reality) technology used in the configurator allows customers to display their already created product configuration in their own rooms. Using  smartphones or tablets, products can be placed in reality which helps customers to imagine the final appearance of the room.

Implementation goals:

  • Visualisation of custom-made products based on customer’s requirements,
  • Adaptation of the 3D configurator interface to the website design,
  • Ability to send a quote request for a customer-prepared configuration of lamellar or upholstered panels,
  • Displaying the prepared configuration using AR technology,
  • Possibility to download assembly documentation based on the customer’s configuration.

Learn more about the Variantic online configurator

If you are interested in implementing the Variantic platform in your company, we invite you to contact us directly. We will provide you with all the information you need about our solution and prepare an appropriate offer for your configurator.